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CNC Machining
  • Send us a print, or bring us a part that needs to be duplicated  

  • Our CNC Machines--combined with care and experience--allow us to manufacture high quality machined parts with great consistency

  • We specialize in low to mid-volume part runs with quick turnaround:

        1 to 1000 per year (Milled parts)

        1 to 10,000 per year (Lathe parts)


Machining Consultation


3D Modeling
  • Your business relies on complex machines that must keep running

  • If you are unable to source a replacement part for your industrial equipment, we'll make it from scratch

  • Our ability to solve mechanical problems will keep your facility running smoothly

  • No service manuals?  No problem.  If it's mechanical, we can fix it.

  • Bring us your costly problems, and get effective solutions!

  • Bring an idea from your head to the computer screen 

  • Dimensionally accurate 2D and 3D contours

  • Parts designed to work well with common (and unique) manufacturing processes

  • Fixture design and manufacturing available for use in your facility

  • Design-aid consultation available


Integrated Prototyping
  • Transform your product idea into a high-quality, showable prototype

  • Combines knowledge and capabilities in CNC Machining, Fabrication, 3D Modeling, and more

  • Small quantity processes available: Anodization, Electrical Assembly, Process Research

  • Utilize our large network of trusted production suppliers


Integrated Prototyping
  • Surface Grinding

  • Oversize Manual Lathe 

    • 24" Diameter, 80" Max Length​

  • Specialty TIG Welding

    • Stainless, Aluminum, & More​

  • Hard-Surface Welding & Machining

  • ​Weld-Building and Re-Machining​

  • And Much More!

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